FDM events

Here you will find an overview of larger FDM events of the international FDM organizations (American FDM Association, FDM Asian Association) and the EFDMA. Please click on the headings for details.

Back to the roots

September 14th to 16th , 2023 in Schloss Goldegg (AUT).

Please join us, this will be a good opportunity to keep the spirit of FDM going on in us and to motivate us and learn from each other. We will have lectures, Workshops, outdoor activities, networking and of course party!

Program preview:

  • History: What was before FDM?
  • What WE have learned from our patients
  • Master the basics, back to YOUR roots
  • Workshops about 6 distortions – remember the roots of the Typaldos method
  • The practitioner as patient
  • FDM Science: the roots of Science &Presentation of Case reports/ Studies”

More details will follow soon, so stay tuned: EFDMA Facebook, Instagram, Website.
Beside this there will be an FDM IC exam and the EFDMA General Assembly.

FDM Connect LIVE Nov. 5, 2022

FDM meetings everywhere in Europe at the same time. Details: click link in title.

FDM Connect LIVE May 07, 2022

FDM meetings everywhere in Europe at the same time.

FDM World Congress

Every 3 years. Lectures, workshops, international exchange.

30 Years of Triggerband

An interactive anniversary. 2021 in Baden, Lectures & interactive part.

FDM Symposium

2019 in Vienna. Lectures & workshops.