The Fascial Distortion Model

by Stephen Typaldos D.O.
Typaldos Method

Published by the European Fascial Distortion Model Association (EFDMA)
Hard cover; Medical Manual, 216 pages, 77 illustrations, bound

Language: english
ISBN: 978-3-9502774-2-5
Price 100 €
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This up-to-date textbook on the fascial distortion model (FDM) according to Stephen Typaldos comprises the basics of the FDM and describes the use of the Typaldos method in practice. Corresponding to the curriculum of the European Fascial Distortion Model Association (EFDMA) the book explains the theory of the different fascial distortions, the FDM diagnosis and the manual application of the method to the locomotor system. In addition, it presents the historic development of the model and discusses the FDM treatment approach in comparison with the allopathic treatment Approach.

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