The international FDM standard

Since 2012 the EFDMA offers the FDM International Certificate, the “FDM IC”.
It requires a practical and theoretical examination in front of a board of examiners consisting of FDM instructors.
With this certificate the EFDMA confirms that according to the international guidelines of the curriculum the FDM practitioner is particularly qualified to deliver FDM treatments and thus is marked on the list of practitioners on the EFDMA website with IC recommended.

The FDM IC is an important achievement of the 2011 International FDM Meeting on the occasion of the 5th FDM World Congress in Vienna. Together with representatives of the American FDM Association (AFDMA), the FDM Asian Association (FAA) and the African FDM Society (AFDMS) a uniform standard for examination has been introduced with this certificate. This has been an important step to improve the quality of the FDM training even further. The contents of the FDM IC are developed jointly by all international FDM associations. The FDM IC does not replace the FDM Basic Certificate (FDM BC) but expands the FDM curriculum of the EFDMA.

Exam dates 2023
Exam dates 2024
  • April 18th, 2024 Katowice in Poland
    • Time: follows
    • Language: Polish, English, German
    • Exam fee: € 350,-
    • Exam place*: Fundacja in Corpore, Katowice, ul. Bażantów 2, Poland
    • Application form April 18th

  • May 13th, 2024 in Germany
    • Time: follows
    • Language: German, English
    • Exam fee: € 350,-
    • Exam place*: follows
    • Application form May 13th follows

In cooperation with the FDM Global Organization FDM GO (American Fascial Distortion Model Association/ FDM Asian Association)