Stephen Typaldos D.O. – Pioneer of the FDM

Stephen Typaldos D.O. was born in 1957 in the USA. After his degree of Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine he worked as general practitioner and emergency physician at a hospital and in his own practice.

Starting in 1991 Typaldos started to develop a new model of diagnosis and treatment based on the exact observation of his patients. Through precise looking and listening he recognized that patients intuitively know what they need in treatment. And they express this in typical gestures and words. The targeted manual treatment based on this was immediately effective and pain-relieving.

This motivated Stephen Typaldos to meticulously describe and publish his FDM perspective and the treatment method. He published his findings in several medical journals and wrote a number of specialized books on the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM).

Stephen Typaldos D.O. passed away unexpectedly on April 5, 2006 aged only 49. Since then his students and companions in Europe, the USA, Japan and Africa have founded FDM associations thus ensuring recognized quality standards in FDM training and cross-cultural medical exchange about the Facial Distortion Model.