Review FDM Connect May 7

This was the first FDM Connect LIVE Meeting on May 7th, 2022

We had participants from Hannover (GER), Satrup (GER), Rainweg (GER), Styria (AUT), Münster (GER), Munich (GER), Vienna (AUT) and Alaska (USA) online and the live meetings took place at the same time with groups in different sizes in Hannover (with participants from Poland, Belarus & Germany) , South-Germany (near Stuttgart), Bern (CH) & Vienna (AUT).

Sheila Boateng (EFDMA Vice-President) opened the meeting and then we’ve heard a few words from Stephen Typaldos in a “memorial video” (2005, Anchorage, Alaska). Then we switched live to every location to hear what they are doing.  The groups heard lectures, watched videos and had exchange of experience with good drinks, food & lots of fun 😉

It was very nice to see all online, but we hope to see all of you on the next FDM event IN PERSON 😊:

 “Back to the roots” from Sept. 14th  to 16th  2023.

Mark the event in your calendar, it will be awesome 😉 We will have lectures, FDM content, the General Assembly, IC exam, connection and of course party! Please join us, this will be a good opportunity to keep the spirit of FDM going on in us and to motivate us and learn from each other.

Where do you want to go for this event? We would love to hear your location proposals in the comments or by email to .

If you want to stay in touch and exchange regularly with other FDM therapists, join the FDM Connect chat groups. For more information write to the FDM Connect Coordinator in your country or to the EFDMA office. If you want to join the chat group please also send your phone number in the email .

Creative output from the FDM group in Bern – Thanks!