That was 30 Years of Triggerband…

In September 2021, an interactive anniversary event on “30 Years of Triggerband” took place in Baden near Vienna. In addition to retrospective lectures on Stephen Typaldos and his discovery of the Triggerband, there were also new, exciting ideas about FDM treatments, for example for babies. In addition, three case studies were presented as part of the “3rd FDM Case Report Contest” and the best of them was chosen.

Between the lectures there were always interactive and practice-oriented workshops in which the participants could contribute their ideas and experiences. There was lively discussions, philosophizing and a lot of laughter.

A joint hike with various activities related to the topic of Triggerband marked the end of the instructive three-day event.

More exciting videos on “30 Years of Triggerband” will follow soon … stay tuned and visit us on our social media channels!