Review FDM Symposium 2019

A long weekend filled with topics on the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) took place from March 28th to March 30th 2019 at the FDM Symposium in Vienna (Rainers Hotel Vienna).

A total of 170 participants from Europe, Africa and the United States shared their experiences on the FDM over the three days.

Thursday was  “Pre-Conference Day”. On this day, Todd Capistrant D.O. (Alaska, USA) lectured on new ways and approaches in FDM treatment.

In the morning there were also FDM IC exams, all 6 participants passed, again: Congratulations to all! In the evening, the very well attended EFDMA General Assembly  followed with discharge and new elections of the Executive Board. Bettina Eigenmann and Martina Nilkens are following Lars Werner D.O. and Bernd Laudenberg M.D. (Details will follow).

The official beginning of the FDM Symposium was Friday, where participants were able to expand their knowledge and skills in various workshops.

Markus Nagel, MSc, spoke about abdominal pain from the FDM perspective.

Markus Breineßl M.D., Klaudia Nösslböck and Karin Mügge M.A. D.O.  showed how to use less force to achieve more success by using forces and levers efficiently.

Folding Distortions and tectonic fixations in the pelvic region as well as the use of a clean treatment technique were the topics of the workshop of Wilhelm Fäßlacher MSc DO and Mag. Joachim Stolz.

At the workshop by Stefan Anker MSc. D.O.  and Lars Werner D.O., video patients were treated live by students, this was also recognized as a supervision for IC exams.

In the evening the participants went with a “legendary 😉 ” joint tram ride to the Symposium party, to which the EFDMA invited to a social gathering, further exchange and dancing.

On the following day, 14 different speakers presented scientific findings on the FDM as well as observations and experiences from their many years of work. After the lectures there was still time for discussion.

In retrospect, the organizers of the EFDMA draw a positive conclusion with a large number of international participants and many new impulses on the subject of FDM.

The next major event will be the 8th FDM World Congress from November  1st to  3rd 2020 in Kobe (Japan), the congress will be organized by the FDM Asian Association (FAA).

The EFDMA would like to thank you for your numerous participation, the lively exchange, the positive feedback and for the valuable contributions of all speakers!


Photo gallery FDM Symposium 2019

(Fotos by Horst Winkler + EFDMA Team)