Review General Assembly 2019

Dear members,

on March 28th, 2019 the EFDMA General Assembly took place in Vienna.
In the introduction, it was recalled that the EFDMA is a non-profit association. EFDMA members should be willing to identify with the goals of the association, to spread FDM further and to contribute individually. Thus, a member should expect to have purely ideal benefits and no “financial” benefits from the EFDMA membership.
Subsequently, the projects and activities of the EFDMA of the last 2 years were reported. In addition to the general membership numbers, book sales and exam participation (IC and Instructor), the innovations in the EFDMA Curriculum were reported. The FDM Advanced courses are now divided into 2 categories: FDM Special (= the courses that were previously offered under Advanced) and the Clinical Training. This aims to improve clinical reasoning.
For those who are interested in the IC Exam, Clinical Training (as well as Practical Training) is an admission requirement for IC exam registration. In principle, however, anyone can register for this course, even if there is (still) no IC Exam planed.

A short review of the 7.FDM World Congress (21.-24.9.17 in Cologne) with about 300 participants from 15 countries, 33 international and national speakers was also not missing. Following the World Congress, the FDM Global Organization (FDMGO) was founded as part of the International Meeting. This foundation is a milestone, it is the “umbrella organization” of AFDMA, EFDMA and FAA. Each of the 3 organizations sends an ambassador to the FDMGO Steering Committee, which represents the continental organization in the FDMGO. For the EFDMA these are Georg Harrer M.D. and Stefan Anker MSc D.O .. (Details on the goals / tasks at

The EFDMA Scientific Department continues to diligently collect studies and scholarly texts that are of interest to the FDM in general, the FDM training and the members. Anyone can send studies to the EFDMA Office and they will be forwarded to the Scientific Department for the database. A second focus of the Scientific Department is the FDM Case Report Contest. The 1st FDM Case Report Contest was awarded in Cologne during the 7.FDM World Congress. The winner’s case report has also been published in a well-known medical journal.

The EFDMA is also responsible for the training of the FDM in Africa. There was already a first IC exam in Africa. As part of FDM training in Africa, local teams are also socially involved, e.g. Patients are treated. If you are interested to be involved/travel with a team to Africa please contact the EFDMA office.

At the request of the auditors, the EFDMA Board was discharged from the present members after the audit report. The auditors confirmed that all expenses in terms of size and relationship were in order and serve the purpose of the association. In order to raise funds for further EFDMA projects, a few measures have been taken. The FDM Instructors made a contribution to the Synod in 2018 and will pay an increased membership fee of € 250 from 2020, and this increase was also approved by the General Assembly. The EFDMA thanks for this support of the FDM Instructors. Furthermore, on-site-visits with FDM Instructors / FDM IC / FDM therapists are still free for members, but non-members have to make a donation to the science fund of the EFDMA (details here). In addition, the EFDMA Board is working on a new edition of the EFDMA book to secure the important source of book sales for the EFDMA and to keep the fundamentals of the FDM and the Typaldos method up to date.

On multiple request of the members FDM posters were created, which can be hung for patient info in your offices and there was also a version for FDM lectures designed for you. Both can be found in your member area under the menu item “Member files” for download.

2 board members left the former EFDMA Board. The EFDMA thanks Lars Werner D.O. and Bernd Laudenberg M.D. for the good cooperation and her commitment of the last years! A big thank you also to the auditors (K. Kornadt M.D. & G. Harrer M.D.) for their work. And the FDMGO ambassadors Stefan Anker MSc. DO. and Georg Harrer M.D. for the representation in the FDMGO.

The following board was elected by the General Assembly on March 28th, 2019 for the period 2019-2021:

left to right: Bettina Eigenmann (ahead), Martina Nilkens, Gerlinde Feiel-Schmidt D.O., Mag. Joachim Stolz, Lukas Trimmel M.D., Klaus Wachter M.D., Eike Haessler M.D.


– President Lukas Trimmel M.D.
– Vice-President Klaus Wachter M.D.
– Vice-President Mag. Joachim Stolz
– Treasurer Gerlinde Feiel-Schmidt D.O.
– Treasurer deputy  Eike Jürgen Haessler M.D.
– Secretary Martina Nilkens
– Secretary deputy Bettina Eigenmann

Yves Theuninck D.O. and Georg Harrer M.D. have been elected as new auditors.

Here is a look at the activities of the next time:

  • Installing a new IT-system (design & function)
  • New edition EFDMA book
  • More involvement of members
  • Strengthen responsibility of the Synod for developing the FDM doctrine
  • Support scientific research (case report contest, clinical trials)
  • Introduce FDM in more European countries
  •  Get better acceptance in the medical world

Finally, we would also like to thank you members for your loyalty and support, only with this is the continuation of the EFDMA and the implementation of our vision possible:

„Our vision is for every patient in Europe to have access to a qualified practitioner of the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM).“