European Fascial Distortion Model Association Curriculum


The curriculum of the European Fascial Distortion Model Association EFDMA modulates: FDM Basic (modules 1-3), FDM Basic Certificate (FDM BC), Practical Training, FDM Advanced (Clinical Training, FDM Special), FDM International Certificate (FDM IC) and Training to become a certified FDM-Instructor.

FDM Basic is led exclusively by certified and qualified FDM-Instructorswhich are educated in accordance with the guidelines of EFDMA curriculum.

The EFDMA curriculum is modular and allows the course participant maximum flexibility and a wide range of training opportunities.

Please  note the entrance criteria: Members of a medical profession are eligible for admission. They must be able to apply manual techniques, including mobilization techniques, to patients within the framework of their profession and according to local law either independently or as prescribed by a doctor.

The complete course calendar and information about the respective course organizers can be found on the respective bottoms.


FDM Basic

FDM Basic is composed of 3 modules. Each module consists of at least 20 units (UE). Module 1 is the entry in the FDM training and must be completed first. Modules 2 and 3 can be completed in a different order, but it is recommended to visit module 2 before 3.

Module 1:

• Basic introduction to the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM)
• General examination and treatment principles
• Specific examination and treatment principles of shoulder, knee and ankle applying the Typaldos Method

Module 2:

• Refresher course and revision of basic knowledge
• Specific examination and treatment principles of pelvic area/hips, lower and middle back and neck applying the Typaldos Method

Module 3:

• Refresher course and revision of basic knowledge
• Specific examination and treatment principles of lower and upper extremities and the head area applying the Typaldos Method

Practical Training

Access requirements: completion of FDM Basic. The FDM Basic Certificate (FDM BC) is not a requirement. The Practical Training provide a revision and deepening of the FDM Basic contents. Detailed content is listed in the training calendar.

FDM Basic Certificate (FDM BC)

After completing modules 1-3, the final exam (FDM BC) can be taken. A positive grade is a requirement for participation in further advanced FDM seminars. In addition, the successful graduate is eligible to be added to the official list of FDM practitioners.

We expect graduates who have a fundamental understanding of the FDM and are able to apply the basics of the Typaldos Method. (see Criteria for an FDM_BC)

FDM Advanced

This includes any advanced courses based on the 6 Distorsions defined by Typaldos. Access requirements: Participants Need to have at least the FDM Basic Certificate (FDM BC) of the EFDMA Curriculum. The couses will be announced at the training calendar on the EFDMA website.

Clinical Training

Intensification of the FDM and the Typlados Method to improve confident mastery of theory and practical application. Implementation of a clinical approach by means of practical examples. Access requirements: FDM Basic Certificate FDM BC.

In order to participate in the examination for the FDM International Certificate, participation in at least one Clinical Training is required.

FDM Special

Further approaches, new perspectives and possibilities in theory and practical application based on the concept of FDM including the 6 Distorsions, as well as historic and future perspectives. Access requirements: FDM Basic Certificate FDM BC.


FDM International Certificate (FDM IC)

After successful completion of the FDM Basic Certificate (FDM BC) and practical application of FDM and the Typaldos Method for a period of at least 12 months, the EFDMA’s FDM International Certificate (FDM IC) is obtainable albeit only after confirmed completion of at min. 3 on-site visits and 3 clinical supervisions with FDM Instructors/FDM IC and of one FDM Clinical Training.

This exam gives experienced FDM therapists the opportunity to present their knowledge and expertise to a jury comprised of FDM instructors and therefore be listed as particularly qualified FDM therapist on the EFDMA website.

In co-operation with the FDM Global Organization FDMGO (American Fascial Distortion Model Association/FDM Asian Association).

Training to become a certifed FDM-Instructor

The FDM-Instructor training can be started after successful competion of the FDM IC. First step is the application at the EFDMA. Requirements are special expertise und the ability to present the FDM and the Typaldos Method convincingly. For more informations about the application criteria contact the EFDMA office.

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