Review 2022 – Preview 2023

Dear EFDMA members,

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

We want to thank you for your support as a member. Especially in times like these, we particularly appreciate that you support the work of the EFDMA as a Non-Profit Association with your membership fee and thus keep the spread and spirit of FDM and the Typaldos method alive.

Let’s look back on the year 2022 together and look forward to next year:

FDM training:

In 2022 there was one FDM IC exam  (Hannover, Germany). We congratulate the 2 new FDM IC therapists once again.

The next FDM IC exam is scheduled for May 8th, 2023 and September 14th, 2023 Goldegg (near Salzburg ,AUT). Details here: FDM IC 2023

From May 10th to 11th, 2022 the 10th Synod of FDM Instructors took place. This time in Hanover (GER).

The Synod is composed of all, after high standards going back to Dr. Typaldos, certified Instructors, who in turn are allowed to teach according to a curriculum set by the EFDMA.

The Synod is responsible for the training regulations of the EFDMA and creates the curriculum for the FDM training.

Many thanks to all FDM Instructors for carrying out the FDM doctrine and method into the world!

FDM Connect
FDM Connect was created to push the network of FDM therapists on a regional level, to promote exchange among each other and to spread the FDM spirit locally. In the meantime there are a few FDM Connect chat groups, regular meetings in the form of round tables and Workgroups and the international FDM Connect LIVE meeting. The aim of FDM Connect LIVE is that the meetings take place across Europe in groups, at the same time. There were two LIVE meetings 2022, on May 7th and on November 5th . For photo/video reviews click on the dates, or go to the EFDMA website: FDM events

For FDM Connect we need motivated members, who organize these meetings in their region. So we want to say “THANK YOU” to all these members for their efforts and energy they use for bringing people together & spread the spirit of FDM!

You can find a list of all FDM Connect coordinators here: FDM Connect

Social media

We are constantly working to provide you with interesting, funny, … posts on our social media channels. There are e.g. photos of events (Workgroups,…) information on training, for patients, short information videos, excerpts from lectures and much more. So that we know whether you like the posts, please like/comment, or write us an email.

Have fun with new posts, videos, and much more on our social media channels:

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

Outlook 2023 …

“Back to the roots” September 14th to 16th 2023 

Do you miss to meet other FDM therapists and deepen your knowledge with workshops and lectures? Yes? Then join us at the FDM Event „Back to the roots” Sept. 14.-16., 2023 Schloss Goldegg (near Salzburg, AUT). We will have lectures, Workshops, outdoor activities, networking and of course party!

Program preview:

  • History: What was before FDM?
  • What WE have learned from our patients
  • Master the basics, back to YOUR roots
  • Workshops about 6 distortions – remember the roots of the Typaldos method
  • The practitioner as patient
  • FDM Science: the roots of Science &Presentation of Case reports/ Studies

Details on the website: Back to the roots

Registration is expected to start in January 2023.

FDM Science – 4rd Case Report Contest

You can still submit your study design for the 4th FDM Case Report Contest (FDM-CRC 4.0) until January 9th, 2023.

Deadline for completed study (CRC): May 31st, 2023. Prize money € 500, -, free participation & presentation of the CRC at the Event “Back to the roots”. Details here: FDM-CRC 4.0 guidelines

EFDMA General Assembly

The EFDMA General Assembly will take place in Goldegg  (Austria, near Salzburg) on September 14th, 2023.  All EFDMA members are welcome. A new board will be elected. Details and agenda will follow. Afterwards the event “Back to the roots” will start. FDM-IC exams will take place in the morning.

Become part of the voluntary EFDMA board, or support it and actively build the future of EFDMA, FDM & the Typaldos method. If you are interested, contact us: EFDMA board or EFDMA office.

Find information about the current board members, their motivation for the board work and the goals of the EFDMA here: About the EFDMA

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023,

Kind regards from the EFDMA Board

P.S. The EFDMA office is closed from Dec. 24th, 2022. We will be back for you on January 9th, 2023.