10. Synod of FDM Instructors

From May 10th to 11th, 2022 the 10th Synod of FDM Instructors took place. This time in Hanover (GER).

The Synod is composed of all, after high standards going back to Dr. Typaldos, certified Instructors, who in turn are allowed to teach according to a curriculum set by the EFDMA.

She is responsible for the training regulations of the EFDMA and creates the curriculum for the FDM training.

The synod of FDM instructors meets periodically to review the EFDMA training regulations and adjust them if necessary (on a voluntary basis, i.e. free of charge). Topics are for example, the evaluation of the training, the creation/check/adaptation of examination criteria (BC, IC, Instructor), the creation of examination questions/videos, the exchange of practical experiences/ the seminars, the cooperation with the working groups on teaching, nomenclature, the method and the training organization.

The qualified FDM training and further education by these FDM Instructors is an essential component in order to achieve the EFDMA vision, that every patient in Europe has access to a qualified treatment according to the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM).

Many thanks to all FDM Instructors for carrying out the FDM doctrine and method into the world!

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A photo review of the last 10 years of the Synod of FDM Instructors will follow shortly, so stay tuned 😉

Many thanks to FDM Instructor Evgeny Haimov for providing the meeting room for the Synod 2022 in Hanover.

Synode 2022