Report FDM Workgroup Drzonków June

This was the FDM Workgroup in Drzonków in June 🤩

Thanks to Piotr Rybacki for guidance & FDM Akademia for organization of this workgroup!

What was before FDM?

LECTURE: “What was before FDM?” Lukas Trimmel, M.D. (FDM Instructor, EFDMA, AUT)

Where? 👉FDM event “Back to the roots” Sept. 14-16, 2023 in Austria

More lectures, workshops & Details: Back to the roots

The Triggerband – A time travel with distortions

Review lecture Georg Harrer M.D. as part of the EFDMA event: “30 years of Triggerband – an interactive anniversary” (September 2021). Part 1/5

For EFDMA members: the whole video is already available in the members area.😊

Early bird ends tomorrow

The Early bird prize for the FDM event “Back to the roots” (Sept. 14-16, 2023) ends on May 31st,2023. Register & save money!

You can participate at lectures & workshops around the FDM & Typaldos method. Please find the Continue reading

Early bird ends – Back to the roots

The Early bird prize for the FDM event “Back to the roots” (Sept. 14-16, 2023)” is only valid until May 31st, 2023. Register now & save money!

ATTENTION: the last deadlines for the “blocked” rooms for participants end on Continue reading

Synod of FDM Instructors 2023

This was the Synod of FDM-Instructors 2023 in Schloss Goldegg 👍

Thank you for 2 effective, explorative, focused & joyful days 😉

The Synod is composed of all, after high standards going back to Dr. Typaldos, certified Instructors, Continue reading

FDM Workgroup June 17-18 Drzonków

(polish below/wypolerować poniżej)

10:00 am to 18:00 PM
10:00 am to 14:00 PM

street: Olimpijska 20
66-004 Drzonków
near Zielona Góra and German boarder

Organization & Guidance:

Organization: FDM Akademia
Guidance: Piotr Rybacki FDM IC


Subject: Acute Continue reading

Report Workgroup April 29

This was the 1st FDM Workgroup in Crailsheim 👍

Thanks to Martina Nilkens for guidance & Marcus Rohrbach for organization of this workgroup!

A successful first Workgroup in Crailsheim. We worked on several topics in 5 hours together:

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