Report Workgroup April 29

This was the 1st FDM Workgroup in Crailsheim 👍

Thanks to Martina Nilkens for guidance & Marcus Rohrbach for organization of this workgroup!

A successful first Workgroup in Crailsheim. We worked on several topics in 5 hours together:

– Flossing applications on the upper and lower extremities as a CyD technique
– Patient example shoulder (TB, CyD, uFD) with pre-treatment and discussion
– Refreshing of the Folding Distortions of the intermuscular septa on the upper and lower extremities
– Refreshing uFD techniques such as hallelujah, dock technique, wall technique, 1st rib
– HTP gluteal, lumbar, abdominal.

See you again in autumn (maybe Nov. 11th) for the next Workgroup in Crailsheim with the same enthusiasm and a similarly rich buffet during the breaks! 😉