FDM connect live


Your chance to meet other FDM enthusiasts in your area!


The EFDMA is calling for an FDM Connect LIVE meeting on 5th November, 2022.

Everyone who has the desire & time can organize a meeting with other FDM enthusiasts in their area (at home, in a bar, in the park, on the mountain, at the lake,…).

The aim is that these meetings take place across Europe IN GROUPS, at the same time. At 6 pm ( Vienna time) we will all meet briefly (10-15 minutes) via a live stream .  Before and after that the exchange can take place among you, in your group, in your area. Whether as part of a work group, a cozy get-together, party, whatever you can think of 😊

We want to promote and celebrate exchange about the FDM among ourselves and knit the FDM network more thight 😉

Find a review from the last FDM Connect LIVE in May 2022 here: FDM Connect LIVE May 5th, 2022


All organizers will be listed on the EFDMA website if they wish, so local FDM enthusiasts can contact the organizers and join the meetings. Of course, you can also just network with your selected ones and remain “private” without being listed on the website.

If you have any questions or would like to organize an FDM Connect LIVE meeting, please write to office@fdm-europe.com



The link for the live stream will be sent in a timely manner by email, so please register for the live stream at office@fdm-europe.com.

Here you will find a list of the current events (constantly updated):


FDM Connect LIVE

wdt_ID Country Place ZIP Type Organizer Contact Begin
3 Schweiz Winterthur 8406 Arbeitskreis & Get-together Bettina Eigenmann bettina.eigenmann@fdm-europe.com 15:30
Country Place ZIP Type

You don’t see an FDM Connect LIVE meeting in your area? Then write to office@fdm-europe.com, tell us which region you are from and we will forward your request to an FDM Connect coordinator.