FDM training in Vilnius, Lithuania 1.12.-4.12.23.

From left to right: Aleksej Pirminov, Evgeny Haimov, Marcel Mahlert, Vygantas

The FDM seminars in Vilnius were once again led by instructor Evgeny Haimov. Evgeny
was assisted by IC therapist Marcel Mahlert and BC therapist Aleksej Pirminov from
Since 2018 FDM seminars have been held regularly in Vilnius. So far, several
therapists have achieved their BC status. The motivated and eager-to-learn
participants consisted of therapists and doctors. Their enthusiasm and diligence often
went far beyond the norm.
Vygantas Skrodenis, the organizer and promoter, deserves a special mention. His
passion for FDM and spreading the model have been the spark that has ignited this
series of FDM seminars in Lithuania. As a doctor, he has been using FDM successfully
for many years.
He also took on the role of translator during the seminars. The participants were able
to appreciate the seminar in their native language. The seminars were well organised,
as were the rooms and equipment perfect. We enjoyed long dinners together and often
philosophized about all topics pertaining to FDM as time flew by. It was wonderful to
see the FDM Academy Lithuania growing steadily into a well-established community.
For many therapists from the Baltic States, this location is extremely significant and
will certainly grow in importance in the coming years.
The EFDMA is grateful for training centers like the FDM Academy Lithuania. Together,
we can spread FDM in Europe. With confidence, we look forward to a great future
filled with many more seminars in Lithuania.

Marcel Mahlert, EFDMA Board