FDM met Istanbul!

The “FDMeets” Istanbul event took place from May 11-12, 2024.

Our intention in Europe with the “FDMeets…” event series is to build and maintain network structures. From our perspective, the event was a complete success.

Around 45 participants from 10 countries, including Russia, Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany came together.

We are particularly pleased about the active participation of our Russian and Turkish colleagues.

The participant with the longest journey came from Russia and traveled almost 10,000 km each way to attend the event.

There were many presentations and workshops on a wide variety of topics.

These were simultaneously translated into four languages, which ensured that every participant was able to follow the content, as well as making discussions possible.

Opening day consisted of several presentations, followed by workshops in the afternoon and continuing on day 2.

We wanted to create a healthy balance of activity and input.

The location was well chosen, being centrally located and easily accessible. We took our lunches on the hotel’s rooftop terrace with a fabulous view over Istanbul.

On Saturday evening, a large group of us went out for dinner and enjoyed good banter among colleagues and an amazing view of the Bosphorus.

The day after the event, exams for the FDM International Certificate took place.

Necat Can
Ibrahim Halil Giritlioglu
Alexey Piminov
Tunahan Dur
Harun Gencosmanoglu

Congratulations again to all the new IC therapists!

It was the first event organized by the newly elected board.

The board is quite satisfied with the outcome of the FDMeets Istanbul event and welcomes constructive criticism.

There is always room for improvement.

The positive feedback shows us that we have succeeded in creating a platform capable of spreading FDM in Europe, as well as implementing a sustainable network.

The entire Board of Directors worked vigorously.

At this point, we want to express that Dr. Ayhan Güdük‘s efforts, endless telephone calls, demanding negotiations, and long nights were crucial to the success of FDMeets Istanbul.

A special thank you goes out to Dr. Güdük from all of us!

We wish you a relaxing summer!

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Marcel Mahlert


Thank you for the translation for Selena Dressel!