Review FDM Connect May 7

This was the first FDM Connect LIVE Meeting on May 7th, 2022

We had participants from Hannover (GER), Satrup (GER), Rainweg (GER), Styria (AUT), Münster (GER), Munich (GER), Vienna (AUT) and Alaska (USA) online and the live meetings Continue reading

Congrats to the new FDM IC’s

We congratulate the new FDM IC therapists:
Kristina Linn & Piotr Rybacki
They’ve invested a lot of hard work, made many on-site-visits, supervisions, Clinical & Practical Training and passed a written and practical exam, to get the FDM Continue reading

Creative output FDM Connect LIVE

This awesome, very creative picture was painted at the FDM Connect LIVE meeting in Bern on May 7th.
Thank you so much to the FDM artists for this masterwork. 👏👍🤩
Details about the FDM Connect LIVE meeting will follow, stay tuned!

FDM Workgroup May 20 in Vienna

04:00  pm

Physiotherapie Ringhofer
Felbigergasse 3/1/10
1140 Vienna

Organization & Guidance:
Organization: Barbara Ringhofer
Guidance: Sheila Boateng (FDM IC)

– Discuss patient cases
– diagnose and treat each other
– Possibly practice folding distortion techniques
– Exercise suggestions from you are welcome

Information & registration:

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Case report FDM & parkinsonism

“The Effect of FDM on micrographia in parkinsonism”

by Andreas P. Kacsir dipl. PT BSc, MscPt, Msc


Check out this FDM case report (direct link to pdf): FDM CRC

Submitted at the 1st Case Report Contest, awarding at the Continue reading

FDM Workgroup April Poznan

This weekend (April 23 & 24th) was a FDM Workgroup in Poznań with 8 motivated therapists.

General topic was Folding Distortion. They trained around 100 techniques per one person 😅, everybody felt this and know what he must feel.

Grupa Continue reading