Lukas Trimmel M.D.


2000 Graduated with an M.D. from the University of Vienna
2000 – 2006 Training in osteopathy at the Vienna School for Osteopathy
2003 – 2008 Specialized training in physical medicine and rehabilitation
2006 Masters degree studies in osteopathy at Danube University, Krems/Austria
2006 – 2008 FDM training with Georg Harrer, M.D.

Work history

2000 – 2002 Army Hospital, Vienna, departments of orthopedics, internal medicine and physical medicine
2001 – 2002 Research associate at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Electrical Stimulation and Physical Rehabilitation
2002 – 2003 Department of trauma surgery, Wilhelminen Hospital, Vienna
2003 – 2012 Department of physical medicine and rehabilitation, Wilhelminen Hospital, Vienna
2008 Opens private practice focusing on FDM in Vienna’s 13th district at Altgasse 20/14.
since 2008 Head physician for the West Vienna handball team

Lectures and teaching activity

since 2002 Teaches at the Austrian Society for Sports Physiotherapy
since 2002 Frequently lectures at congresses on sports medicine, as part of the sports medicine diploma studies for the Austrian Medical Chamber as well as on various subjects relating to sports medicine and physical medicine at the Society for Sports Orthopedics and Traumatology (GOTS)
since 2008 lectures and seminars on the Fascial Distortion Model after Typaldos


A-1130 Vienna, Austria
Altgasse 20/14
Phone.: +43-(0)1-2361003