Evgeny Haimov

2004 – 2007 training to become a physiotherapists, Hannover.

2007 – 2011 participation at osteopathic advanced training at the “The International Academy of Osteopathy (ILO)”.

2011 attending courses in the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) after Typaldos at Dr. Georg Harrer from Vienna.

From 2012 Certified International FDM therapist (FDM IC) of the European FDM Asscoiation (EFDMA)

2012 Founder and director of the FDM Academy Russia with Thorsten Fischer.

2016 FDM instructor of the EFDMA.


D-30159 Hannover
Vahrenwalder Str. 55
Phone.: 0511 899 43 879