David Struzik

2007 – 2011 Studies at German Sport University Cologne

Since 2010 self – employed activitiy in practice in Sankt Augustin focusing on FDM

2010 – 2018 FDM Education by Mentor Thorsten Fischer and the FDM – Instructors Dr. Georg Harrer und Dr. Lukas Trimmel

Since 2011 FDM- Assistent (Cologne, Munich, Hannover, Zurich, Leipzig) at AIM under the managing director Prof. Matthias Fink

2013 Education in Alternative Practitioner

Since 2013 Founder and Leader of ,,FDM Akademia Polska´´ based in Katowice/Poland

2014 Certified International FDM therapist (FDM IC) of the EFDMA

2018 FDM Instructor European FDM Association

David Struzik
Facebook: FDMakademia
Homepage: www.fdmakademia.pl