Carsten Bünning D.O.

Starting as an Physiotherapist I went to College Sutherland Hamburg of Osteopathic Medicine for five years.Ending with the Examaen of BAO.

After that graduated as an certified alternative practitioner in 2006.

The way after I had a long time ad Munich Group with international Osteopathics like Jean Pierre Barral , Alain Croibier and Serge Paoletti in different ways of the Osteopathic Medicine.

In 2007 I met Dr.Georg Harrer at Basic Module FDM and startet my way with FDM .

In 2012 I made my IC -Certificate FDM of EFDMA and startet my assistantship in the Fascial Distorsion Model (FDM) by Dr.Georg Harrer, Dr.Lukas Trimmel (both Vienna) and Thorsten Fischer (Hannover) at the A.I.M. (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Interdisziplinäre Medizin) from Prof.Matthias Fink in Hannover, München,Köln,Leipzig and Zürich.

FDM Advanced Courses with Keisuke Tanaka (Japan) and Marjorie Kasten (USA).

In 2017 FDM Instruktor of the EFDMA.



Am Schulzentrum 34
D-31241 Ilsede
Phone.: +49-(0)5172-410405