Ayhan Güdük M.D.

After completing the studies in human medicine at the Hannover Medical School and completing the doctorate med. in the field of pain therapy, he has worked for several years in trauma surgery and cardiology.

The first contact with the Fascia Distortion Model in 2011 marks a turning point in the medical career of Mr. Güdük M.D. and leads to the decision to dedicate the further career path to this special kind of pain therapy.

Already in 2012 several years of assistant work started at A.I.M. by Prof. Fink in Hanover, Cologne, Munich and Zurich. In this context, Mr. Güdük M.D. gained valuable experience with his mentor Georg Harrer M.D. and FDM Instructors Thorsten Fischer and Lukas Trimmel M.D.. In 2013 he opened its own FDM private practice in Hanover.

After passing the IC exam 2014, Mr. Güdük M.D. has also been certified as an EFDMA instructor since January 2017. He is currently treating and caring for his patients as a convinced FDM doctor in his practice in Sarstedt near Hanover.

Doctor of medicine

Am Bruchgraben 9A
31157 Sarstedt
Tel. +49-(0)5066 90 49 579
Tel. +49-(0)1525 651 22 26