New EFDMA board

On September 16th, 2021 the EFDMA General Assembly elected a new board for 2021 until 2023.

We welcome the new baord members!

For the ones who stayed – Please keep doing what you are doing, we’re thankful for your work! 🤩

President: Lukas Trimmel M.D.
Vice-president, Treasurer: Sheila Boateng BSc.
Vice-president, Deputy secretary: Bettina Eigenmann
Secretary: Martina Nilkens
Deputy Treasurer: Evgeny Haimov

Thank you so much for your work, it was a pleasure working with you: Gerlinde Feiel-Schmidt D.O., Dr. Klaus Wachter, Mag. Joachim Stolz, Dr. Eike Haessler 🥰
Thank you very much, Dr. Georg Harrer for your help – every single time! 🙏

from left to right: Evgeny Haimov, Lukas Trimmel, Bettina Eigenmann, Sheila Boateng, Martina Nilkens

Thanks Gerlinde & Klaus

Thanks Joachim

Thanks Eike

Thanks Georg