FDM Workgroup April 23, 2023 in Basel

Guidance: FDM Instructor Thorsten Fischer

Speaker: Photojournalist Patricia Kühfuss

Host: Physio Polasek

“What matters” photo project

A new look at patients is one of the keys to successful therapy and one of the successes of FDM. This inevitably involves a look at the system in which this therapy takes place. This can be helpful for FDM therapists to understand their own position and to derive strengths.

The patient-oriented approach of FDM therapy is an important building block to fill the gap between the needs of the patients and the offer of a healthcare system in which the physically verifiable dominates. Patricia Kühfuss uses photography as a starting point to analyze the interactions of the system for everyone involved with the participants and thus to gain new insights in the form of ongoing research, which the participants can take home with them for their own work as therapists can.

With her project “What counts”, the photographer/photojournalist Patricia Kühfuss invites you on a multifaceted journey of images into the conventional healthcare system, in order to look together at cultural, historical and political circumstances and thus find out what they mean for the situation of patients and the work of therapists mean.

Date & time:
Sunday 23 April, 2023, 1 p.m.

Course location:
Stiftung Alters- und Pflegeheim,  Hohlegasse 8, 4102 Binningen

At the castle parking lot, Schlossgasse 2, 4102 Binningen

Arrival options:
From Basel SBB, take the 2-seater tram to Hohlegasse / from Binningen Castle it is a 10-minute walk / 5 minutes from Physio Polasek

Information/contact/registration via T. Fischer via email: info@eta-med.de