Excerpt lecture Jaap van der Wal MD PhD- Part 3

One of the many highlights at the 7th World Congress in Cologne / Germany:

Jaap van der Wal MD PhD: The Fascia – Continuity and Connectivity in the body and “Organ of Innerness”? A phenomenological view.

Stephen Typaldos D.O. created with his continuum theory one of the central statements in the theoretical approach in the FDM: “The connectedness of the fascial fibers can be thought of as a continuity of the tissue itself.” …” the FDM also considers the continuum of the structures.” …“In this perception of anatomy”… “Bone and ligament, for instance, represent opposite ends of the continuum that is one anatomical structure. Typaldos “FDM, Clinical and Theoretical Application of the Fascial Distortion Model Within the Practice of Medicine and Surgery” (p 13 Textbook, Fourth Edition 2002).

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