Congrats to the new FDM IC’s

The EFDMA congratulates the new FDM IC practitioners: Martina Baitinger und Marcel August Mahlert.

Jury: Carsten Bünning D.O., Evgeny Haimov, David Struzik

Since 2012, EFDMA has been offering the FDM International Certificate, the FDM IC.
It requires a practical and theoretical examination in front of a board of examiners consisting of FDM instructors.
With this certificate the EFDMA confirms that according to the international guidelines of the curriculum the FDM practitioner is particularly qualified to deliver FDM treatments and thus is marked on the list of practitioners on the EFDMA website with IC recommended.

C. Bünning, M. Baitinger, D. Struzik, E. Haimov

C. Bünning, D. Struzik, M. Mahlert, E. Haimov

li na re: C. Bünning, E. Haimov, D. Struzik