Congrats to the new FDM IC’s

Since 2012, EFDMA has been offering the FDM International Certificate, the “FDM IC”.
For this purpose, a commissional exam is to be taken in front of a jury of FDM Instructors with a theoretical and practical part.
With this review, the EFDMA confirms that the FDM Practitioner is highly qualified for FDM treatment according to the international guidelines of the curriculum and is therefore also recommended as “IC” on the list of FDM Practitioners on the EFDMA website.

On January 17th, 2020 the IC exam’s took place in Katowice, Poland. The EFDMA congratulates: Agata Walaszczyk, Rafał Adamiec, Przemysław Widzyk, Tomasz Ben, Markus Vossen, Selena Dressel, Adam Hass, Magdalena Hat, Karin Lehner

Jury: David Struzik, Stefan Anker D.O. MSc, Lukas Trimmel MD