The international FDM standard

In 2012, the European Fascial Distortion Model Association (EFDMA) started offering the FDM International Certificate FDM IC. This advanced exam provides experienced FDM physicians and therapists with the opportunity to present their knowledge and expertise to a jury comprised of FDM instructors and subsequently be included in the list of recommended and particularly qualified therapists on EFDMA’s homepage.

The FDM IC is one of the most important results of the 2011 International FDM Meeting at the 5th FDM World Congress in Vienna. In cooperation with representatives of the American FDM Association (AFDMA), the FDM Asian Association (FAA) and the African FDM Association (SAMDF), a uniform and consistent exam standard was introduced in the form of this advanced exam. This is an important further step on the path of FDM training improvement. The contents of the FDM IC are developed in collaboration with all international FDM associations. The FDM IC does not supersede the current final exam but instead enhances EFDMA’s curriculum.

Guidelines & Announcement 2019

Dates 2019

  • March 28th, 2019 in Vienna (Austria) – before the FDM Symposium
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