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Review 7. FDM World Congress 2017

EFDMA President Lukas Trimmel M.D. and Congress Chairman Markus Nagel were able to welcome about 300 participants in these 3 days. The FDM experts came from all over the world – f. ex. the USA, Japan and a large group of African FDM therapists from Kenya, Burkina Faso and Benin.

The conference was perfectly organized by Markus Nagel and left nothing to be desired.

Friday was reserved for workshops, on Saturday and Sunday national and international speakers from therapy and science reported on the world of fascia and the FDM. This also gave the opportunity to discuss, were one thing was clearly worked out:

In addition to all the new scientific findings, the clinical application demonstrates the geniality of the Fascial Distortion Model, and as a therapist we should never weaken or even forget the simple FDM credo “stay in the model”.


Photos 7. FDM World Congress Sept. 22 – 24, 2017 in Cologne (Germany)

Opening Congress Chairman Markus Nagel MSc

Opening EFDMA President Lukas Trimmel M.D


Speakers morning session 23rd

Speakers afternoon session 23rd

Speakers morning session 24th

Sepakers afternoon session 24th

Presentation FDM Global Organisation

Dr. G. Harrer & K. Iwata

T. Capistrant D.O. & Dr. J. Rettenbacher

S.A. Aguiar & L. Werner

C. Rossmy D.O. & Dr. K. Wachter


Marjorie Kasten PT

J.C. van der Wal, MD PhD

Keisuke Tanaka FDMO

Karsten Wichmann M.D.

Peter Huijing PhD

Christoph Rossmy D.O.

Matt Booth DPT

Diallo Harouna + Markus Nagel

Dr. Jean Claude Guimberteau M.D.

Dr. Bernd Laudenberg

Beatrix Baumgartner MSPhT


Ivonne Fischer & Dr. Alexander Fischer

























1. FDM Case Report Contest Presentation

Winner 1. FDM Case Report Contest

Participants 1. FDM CRC

Dr. Mario Maleschitz

Jennifer Ribar D.O.

Junko Yamada

Wilhelm Fäßlacher MSc D.O.

Dr. Robert Schleip

Todd Capistrant D.O.

Kohei Iwata FDMO

Dr. Johanna Rettenbacher

Dr. Günther Sutter

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Oberzaucher

Dr. Georg Harrer

Andreas Hempel

Thorsten Fischer

Dr. Andreas Schilder

Dr. Wilhelm Kurz

Michiko Kuraishi

Joshua O. Orwaru

Markus Nagel MSc


Dr. Lukas Trimmel

Dr. Markus Breineßl





Lars Werner








Thanks to all Congress Volunteers & the Admin/Organization Team

Thanks to the Congress Chairman Markus Nagel







The EFDMA Board thanks for your participation!







Photos by Horst Winkler



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