Course of treatment & costs

1. FDM diagnosis

In FDM, the diagnostic process is based on three pillars of analysis. Alongside a traditional medical diagnosis they lead to an independent FDM diagnosis. Particular attention is directed at a patient’s body language when describing pain. Intuitive gestures, when correctly interpreted, are direct indicators of fascial distortions. The patient’s case history, including X-rays, blood work etc. as well as a series of examinations complete the FDM diagnosis.

2. FDM treatment using the Typaldos Method

After excluding any possible contraindications and precisely defining the treatment goal, the FDM practitioner will correct the fascial distortion/s using specific manual techniques.

  • Sometimes intense pressure is applied to individual points or along physical lines
  • Other distortions are treated using traction or compression of joints
  • Even treating the entire surface area of the most superficial fascia can alleviate pain

3. Review of the treatment result

The treatment has an immediate effect and can be evaluated by the patient instantly. If it is deemed efficient, the treatment will continue. If the desired result has not been achieved, the treatment will be adjusted and, if necessary, the patient will be re-diagnosed. Costs of treatment One treatment session using the Typaldos Method costs between € 70,- and € 120,- Usually the costs will be reimbursed by private and complementary health insurance companies. The treatment is not covered by state health insurance. Speak to your FDM physician or physiotherapist about further possibilities for cost reimbursement.

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