Stephen Typaldos D.O.

Stephen Typaldos D.O. – FDM Pioneer

Stephen Typaldos, D.O. was born in the US in 1957. After graduating with a degree in osteopathic medicine, he worked at hospitals as a general and emergency room physician as well as running his own practice.

In 1991, Typaldos began to develop an entirely new diagnostic and treatment model by carefully monitoring his patients. Looking and listening to them closely, he recognized that patients intuitively know which therapy steps are particularly relevant to their recovery and express this by using characteristic gestures and phrases. He found that focusing his manual therapy on these indicators led to immediate and effective pain relief.

The results he saw encouraged Typaldos to describe in detail the FDM approach as well as the resulting therapy model and method of treatment. He revealed his findings in various medical journals and subsequently created and published his pioneering thesis on the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) in several books.

Stephen Typaldos, D.O. died suddenly on April 5, 2006 at the age of 49. His pupils and colleagues in Europe, the US, Japan and Africa have been forming FDM associations ever since in order to safeguard acknowledged quality standards in FDM training as well as to enable an FDM-related cross-cultural knowledge exchange.

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