Fascial Distortion Model

The Fascial Distortion Model (FDM)

The Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) is a specific medical approach which attributes the cause of physical afflictions and impaired motor function to one or several of six typical forms of fascial distortion in the human organism. As soon as the distortion is corrected, an effective and comprehensively measurable treatment of pain and restricted mobility is possible.

In FDM, the diagnostic process is based on three pillars of analysis. Particular attention is directed at a patient’s body language when describing pain. Intuitive gestures, when correctly interpreted, are direct indicators of fascial distortions. The patient’s case history as well as a series of examinations complete the FDM diagnosis.

The principles of FDM can be applied to a variety of different medical areas and expand the diagnostic options doctors and physiotherapists have at their disposal.

FDM enables an effective treatment of patients presenting with a variety of medical diagnoses, but at the present time, the FDM approach is primarily chosen for musculoskeletal complaints and chronic pain.

The term „Fascial Distorsion Model (FDM)“ is a combination of 3 different words:

1. Fascia

Fasciae are structures of connective tissue. According to the FDM, they are the key to diagnosing and treating a variety of physical ailments. Today, medical science acknowledges the importance of fasciae in the human body, a fact backed up by a growing number of scientific studies into the FDM therapy model.

2. Distortion

Distortions are contortions, deformations or dislocations of fasciae. Each FDM therapy session aims to correct these distortions with specific techniques like the Typaldos Method manual therapy method. Once corrected, a considerable or complete reduction of pain will be noticeable to the patient.

3. Model

The FDM is a clinical model. Through the collection of empirical data, Stephen Typaldos, D.O., FDM’s creator, developed a model representing the correlation of specific fascial distortions, traditional diagnoses and effective treatment options. Physicians and physiotherapists practicing FDM are utilizing the Fascial Distortion Model in order to arrive at a precise individual diagnosis and to choose a specific treatment.

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