FDM Symposium

There is the possibility to book only the conference (March 30th, 2019) or the conference together with the workshop day. (March 29th & 30th, 2019).

Program Workshops March 29th, 2019:

Workshop 1: „Abdominal pain from the FDM perspectice“Markus Nagel, MSc

Workshop 2: „Less force - more success! Applying power and levers efficiently in the FDM“Beatrix Baumgatner MSPhT, Klaudia Nösslböck, Karin Mügge M.A. D.O.

Workshop 3: „Live in action – lets treat patients“ (Supervision Workshop) – Stefan Anker, MSc D.O.

Workshop 4: „Diagnostic and treatment of Folding distortions and Tectonic fixation in the pelvic region“ - Wilhelm Fäßlacher, MSc D.O. & Mag. Joachim Stolz

Find workshops details here: Content Workshops March 29th, 2019

On March 29th, 2019 three of the four offered Workshops can selected. The workshops take place several times a day (between 09:30am and 6:30pm) in blocks in parallel. You can choose your preferred time in the registration form, but the fixed allocation depends on the number of participants in each workshop. If your preferred time will be changed, we will inform you. * Supervision Workshop: Recognition as a Supervision for Admission to the IC Exam.

Admission requirements for the workshops:
Participation at modules 1-3 according to the curriculum of the EFDMA. The proof (participation confirmation M1-M3 or FDM Basic Certificate) must be sent  at the latest by March 10th, 2019 at office@fdm-europe.com . EFDMA Members who are on the FDM Practitioners list  are exempted from relocation requirement. Members of the continental associations AFDMA, FAA and SAMDF are also admitted to the workshops.

Registration is only possible with the REGISTRATION FORM (Workshops & Conference).

Program Conference March 30th, 2019

Numerous Lectures on FDM Topics & Scientific conference: FDM Research & Studies. (approx. 9am to 6pm). Details will follow.

Registration is only possible with the REGISTRATION FORM (Conference).

General informations

In addition to participation at the conference and workshop, the catering is included (coffee breaks, lunch break).

Symposiums language: German/ English. Details concerning translation will follow.

There will be a “Get together” on March 29th, 2019 in the evening. Details will follow.

On March 28th, 2019 FDM IC exams will take place during the day (information here) and in the evening the EFDMA General Assembly will take place (details to follow).


Rainers Hotel Vienna (near Main Train station)
Gudrunstraße 184
1100 Vienna

There will be a limited number of rooms with a special rate for the participants of the Symposium (and IC exam / General Assembly) until February 14, 2019. The booking of the room is to be made using the enclosed Registration form under reservation02@rainers-hotel.eu or sales05@rainers-hotel.eu. For booking the credit card information is required. If the form is not completed, the special room rate cannot be guaranteed. Please also note the cancellation conditions.

Price per person and night in a double room for single use incl. Breakfast € 94,00 (excluding lodging tax of 3.2% on the net accommodation price).
Price per person and night in a double room for double use including breakfast € 59,50 (excluding accommodation tax of 3.2% on the net accommodation price).

Participation fee



until   Oct. 31, 2018

Until Oct. 31, 2018



Price Member*

Early bird Price

Early bird Price Member*

Conference & Workshops

€ 390

€ 350

€ 360

€ 320


€ 180

€ 140


*Member= Members of the EFDMA, AFDMA, FAA, SAMDF

Terms of Service FDM Symposium 2019 (Approval required in the registration process).

For questions please contact the EFDMA office: office@fdm-europe.com or +43 1 94 75 276

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