The Association

European Fascial Distortion Model Association

The EFDMA is a non-profit organization. Its aim is to sponsor and promote research and training in the areas of the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) and the Typaldos Method.

The EFDMA sets certain standards in the education and promotion of the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) in Europe and offers information on FDM, its basic principles and application in the treatment of a diverse range of ailments to medical professionals as well as patients.

The European FDM Association was founded in November of 2006 by Georg Harrer, M.D., Erich Gstarz M.D., Christoph Rossmy D.O., Christian Stein, M.D., Markus Breinessl, M.D., Karin Forthuber and Stefan Anker MSc, D.O.. The association’s first president was Georg Harrer, M.D..

During the following years, the EFDMA grew as fast as the number of FDM seminars that became available. In 2009, when Christoph Rossmy took over the helm, the EFDMA consisted of 70 active members.

Today, the EFDMA counts over 800 members e.g. in Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, France, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Greece, Spain, Hungary…..

The EFDMA board is currently made up of seven physicians, osteopaths and physiotherapists working on a voluntary basis. All seven successfully use FDM and the Typaldos Method on their patients.

The EFDMA board

left to right: Bettina Eigenmann (ahead), Martina Nilkens, Gerlinde Feiel-Schmidt D.O., Mag. Joachim Stolz, Lukas Trimmel M.D., Klaus Wachter M.D., Eike Haessler M.D.

– President Dr. Lukas Trimmel
– Vice-President Dr. Klaus Wachter
– Vice-President Mag. Joachim Stolz
– Treasurer Gerlinde Feiel-Schmidt D.O. 
– Treasurer deputy  Dr. Eike Jürgen Haessler
– Secretary
 Martina Nilkens

– Secretary debuty Bettina Eigenmann  

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