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The FDM Global Organization FDMGO was established on September 25th 2017, after the 7. FDM World Congress in Cologne. In Leutesdorf , Germany the founding members, the three non-profit organizations EFDMA (European Fascial Distortion Model Association), the AFDMA (American Fascial Distortion Model Association) and the FAA (FDM Asian Association), came together to sign a written agreement to establish the FDM Global Organization. A close cooperation exists already between these 3 organizations and their associated partner AFDMS (African Fascial Distortion Model Society). Through FDMGO this is raised to a new level of international cooperation.
The clearly defined goal of FDMGO is to preserve the Fascial Distortion Model in its originality and uniqueness – according to the work and publications of Stephen Typaldos D.O ..
Based on this, the FDM is to be further spread and evolved internationally. Through FDMGO the efforts and activities of the individual continental associations should be better coordinated and brought together in an efficient manner.
The FDMGO goals in detail are:

  •  The standard of the FDM training according to S. Typaldos is to be maintained and, if necessary, further developed according to the FDM doctrine. This includes in particular the contents and guidelines for the FDM International Certificate.
  • Promotion of international events with the aim of spreading the FDM doctrine and promoting the exchange of discussions.
  • Establish a guiding principle for the organization of the International FDM Scientific Conference.
  • Develop a common corporate identity

The international partners of the EFDMA

The international exchange on FDM and Typaldos method is a main task area of ​​EFDMA. Together with the FDM-associations in the US, Japan and Africa EFDMA constantly working on quality standards for the teaching of Fasziendistorsionsmodells. For example, recognized by all FDM associations Auditing Standard in 2011. FDM International Certificate (FDM IC) introduced.

FDM in the US

The American Association was founded FDM of 2007. The Management Board consists of experienced FDM practitioners who have Stephen Typaldos DO mostly known personally. http://afdma.com/

Todd Capistrant D.O.

Todd Capistrant DO is President since 11.3.2015  He is a graduate of Des Moines University and U of MN Bethesda Family Practice Residency. He works as a member of department of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Tanana Valley Clinic/ Banner Health in Fairbanks, Alaska. His practice has grown rapidly over the past years in large part due to the power of incorporating the FDM in to his Osteopathic practice.  In the spring of 2011 he was honored with the “Rising Star” award by the Northwest Osteopathic Medical Foundation. Dr. Capistrant is a certified FDM instructor and is very interested in teaching the FDM to change the way musculoskeletal injuries are treated in modern medicine.



Gayle Smith D.O.

Dr. Gayle Smith is an Assistant Professor of Osteopathic Principles and Practice at PNWU in Yakima, WA since 2012. She graduated from Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific in 2009. In addition to teaching, she has a small private practice and is actively involved in the AFDMA through table training and is the President Elect for the AFDMA board. She is among the first five recipients to earn the AFDMA International Certificate in the US and is very enthused about helping patients regain function using FDM. Gayle is President-Elect and will become President in March 2019.

Jose Figueroa

Bio follows

Jennifer Ribar, D.O.

Jennifer Ribar, D.O., is originally from Fairbanks, Alaska. She is a graduate of Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine in Yakima, Washington, where she was introduced to the model in her first year. She currently lives in East Lansing, Michigan and works as a resident in the Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (ONMM) residency program at Michigan State University. She uses the FDM on many of her patients at MSU, and really enjoys teaching rotating students, and really anyone who wants to listen, about the model. The FDM is an integral part of her practice, and she believes that many of her patients’ successes are due to this valuable tool. She is hoping to incorporate FDM research into her time at MSU. She has particular interests using the FDM in athletes and for pelvic pain. As a new member of the AFDMA board she hopes to bring a fresh perspective and energy to the rapidly expanding organization.

Gene Lenard D.O.

Gene Lenard DO is FDM instructor and Past President of AFDMA . He was introduced to the FDM by Dr. Ray Andreassen at an AKOMA conference.  As a physician, he puts the ideas of FDM in his daily work in California to be successful.

Byron Perkins D.O.

Byron Perkins DO from Anchorage / Alaska is a founding member of AFDMA and the immediate Past-President. He heads the Cornerstone Hospital in Anchorage, where he successfully applies the daily FDM. As FDM instructor he brought the FDM after Burkina Faso and Mongolia. Dr. Perkins grew up in Japan, making it a strong link with the FDM Asian Association (FAA).

Marjorie Kasten P.T.

Marjorie Kasten PT since 1997 working for the FDM. She has collaborated with Stephen Typaldos DO and support him in the design and realization of his textbooks and lectures. It is an important historical witness by their great knowledge of the history of the FDM and sets the FDM in her profession as a physiotherapist creatively. She started the AFDMA in motion in 2007 and has served as the Executive Director. She developed FDM Inversion Therapy based on Typaldos’ model and has taught inversion in Japan, the US, Austria and Germany. Marjorie Kasten is author of the books An Introduction to the Fascial Distortion Model and Which Way Is Up When You’re Upside Down? (FDM Inversion Therapy). She is currently Treasurer for the AFDMA board.

Ann Shea S.O.

Ann Shea  was introduced to the FDM through her relationship with Stephen Typaldos and is a strong advocate for the FDM. She is a Doctor of Audiology, and brings many talents and ideas with her. Dr. Shea has attended International FDM Symposiums in Hawaii, Japan, and Austria, and sat in on numerous FDM seminars. She has a strong background in the model, and commitment to Stephen Typaldos’ vision.


Holly Macriss

Holly Macriss from Sacramento, California is the managing director of AFDMA. She has worked as Managing Director at the Alaska Osteopathic Medical Association (AKOMA), as Stephen Typaldos in 2004 went for the first time to Alaska. Holly experienced the enthusiasm of the doctors who attended his seminars and was a great patron and supporter of Dr. Typaldos and the FDM training.

FDM in Japan

Keisuke Tanaka FDM.O. founded the FDM Asian Association. Together with Kohei Iwata he directs the fortunes of the FAA. Http://www.fdm.cc/

Keisuke Tanaka FDM.O.

Keisuke Tanaka lives and works in Fukuoka / Japan and taught the FDM since 2005. With his great knowledge in the field of FDM, especially in the practical implementation, he is an important person to teach FDM within the meaning of Stephen Typaldos DO and continue to anchor in medicine.

Kohei Iwata

Kohei Iwata lives and works in Fukuoka. The Osteopath (and karate master) leads the FDM seminars in Japan together with Keisuke Tanaka. He is the second FDM instructor in Japan.

FDM in Africa

Dr. Byron Perkins was a social project in contact with Burkina Faso. Since 2010, he organized together with Dr. Georg Harrer and other members of the FDM EFDMA courses in Burkina Faso. Since 2011, there is an African FDM company headed by Harouna Diallo.

Harouna Diallo

Harouna Diallo, a Kinesiotherapeut from Burkina Faso, was fascinated from the start, as could be helped quickly and easily using the FDM without expensive equipment Medicine, patients. Shadowing Dr. Perkins in the United States and participate in the 5th World Congress in Vienna in 2011 FDM moved him to found the SAMDF that African FDM society.

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