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FDM Global Organisation FDMGO                                                                

The FDM Global Organization FDMGO was established on September 25th 2017, after the 7. FDM World Congress in Cologne. In Leutesdorf , Germany the founding members, the three non-profit organizations EFDMA (European Fascial Distortion Model Association), the AFDMA (American Fascial Distortion Model Association) and the FAA (FDM Asian Association), came together to sign a written agreement to establish the FDM Global Organization. A close cooperation exists already between these 3 organizations and their associated partner AFDMS (African Fascial Distortion Model Society). Through FDMGO this is raised to a new level of international cooperation.
The clearly defined goal of FDMGO is to preserve the Fascial Distortion Model in its originality and uniqueness – according to the work and publications of Stephen Typaldos D.O ..
Based on this, the FDM is to be further spread and evolved internationally. Through FDMGO the efforts and activities of the individual continental associations should be better coordinated and brought together in an efficient manner.
The FDMGO goals in detail are:

  •  The standard of the FDM training according to S. Typaldos is to be maintained and, if necessary, further developed according to the FDM doctrine. This includes in particular the contents and guidelines for the FDM International Certificate.
  • Promotion of international events with the aim of spreading the FDM doctrine and promoting the exchange of discussions.
  • Establish a guiding principle for the organization of the International FDM Scientific Conference.
  • Develop a common corporate identity

More informations at: www.fdm-go.com


The international partners of the EFDMA

The international exchange on FDM and Typaldos method is a main task area of ​​EFDMA. Together with the FDM-associations in the US, Japan and Africa EFDMA constantly working on quality standards for the teaching of Fasziendistorsionsmodells. For example, recognized by all FDM associations Auditing Standard in 2011. FDM International Certificate (FDM IC) introduced.

FDM in the US

The American FDM Association (AFDMA) was formed by Marjorie Kasten in August 2007 to carry on the work of Stephen Typaldos, D.O., to train doctors, support research and educate the community about the Fascial Distortion Model and its benefits, for individuals and for society at large. The founding incorporators were Dr. Ray Andreassen from Delta Junction, AK, Dr. Byron Perkins from Anchorage, AK and John Kasten from Bangor, ME.  Dr. Andreassen was the first president of the AFDMA.  The AFDMA is a non-profit corporation. More informations about the AFDMA, board, members, courses at:  http://afdma.com/


FDM in Japan

Keisuke Tanaka FDM.O. founded the FDM Asian Association in 2002.  He has been a certified FDM instructor since 2005 and teaches FDM workshops and seminars in Japan on a regular basis. Kohei Iwata is also an FDM certified instructor and both men have worked tirelessly to set and maintain high standards of professional training in a country that has very different medical credentials .More informations about the FAA, board, members, courses:  http://www.fdm.cc/


FDM in Africa

AFDMS, the youngest of the FDM associations is created in 2011 in Burkina-Faso. This event was made possible by the great effort of Dr Byrons PERKINS, Dr Issa OUEDRAOGO and HAROUNA Diallo Ezékias, the president of this continental association of FDM. From then, AFDMS has growed by many seminars organized in Burkina-Faso, Mali and Kenya with the help of AFDMA and EFDMA. So FDM is present in some African countries such as Burkina-Faso, Benin, Mali, Ivory Cost, Togo, Niger and Kenya. The AFDMS board is currently made up of seven physicians and physiotherapists working on a voluntary basis. All seven successfully use FDM on their patients. More informations at: www.afdms.org



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